Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Three Amigos

r an American, a Canadian, and a Mexican walk into a bar..... Haven't got much today sorry. Wait a minute isn't Harper wearing the same getup, that he was wearing in Afghanistan. Hmmm baggy clothes to hide that ponch. Maybe bush can get him up the ranch for some hardy shrub clearing, and a brisk mountain bike trek. So there you have it, North America's leaders in all their glory..... Anyone else thinking about moving to Sweden?

Monday, March 27, 2006

Thousands Of Students Protest Anti Immigration Bill

Students from L.A., Detroit, and Washington protested in the thousands, a bill which would crack down on illegal immigrants, and the people who employ them. Some schools in L.A. were on full lockdown, in an attempt to stop students from joining protests, that spread to the downtown core.

I don't get it, this whole illegal immigrant brouhaha is out of hand. Watch the CNN blowhard Lou Dobbs and he would have you think that, poor migrant workers from Mexico, are the sole reason for all of America's economic woes. Was not America built by immigrants? What of the American dream? Are poor migrant workers from Mexico a security threat? Is this just legislated racism? Giver my young ideologic student friends, I for one I am on your side.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Looks Like Spring Is Springing

es folks I saw my first gaggle of Canadian geese flying around town this morning. I would have had photographic proof, but in my haste to snap a pic, I pressed the on/off button instead of the shoot button, those geese could move damnit. So there you have it, that is about as exciting as it gets in Nova Scotia this Sunday morn. Canadian politics is dull as dishwater right now, and well its just too damn easy to bash the Bush. Where is the scandal, I am up for a good political brain fart, come on Harpo, your killing me, I have the need to bitch, wine, and poke fun. I need fodder, it is getting to the point where I wish the Libs where back in there, just to give something to write about. Bllaaa, bllaaa, bllaaa.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The CAW Asks Members To Stop Supporting The NDP

The CAW is asking its members to stop supporting the NDP, as an act of retaliation in the Buzz Hargrove brouhaha. The CAW is a major financial supporter of the NDP, and this in my opinion is a real nightmare for the party. I was one of the people who really jumped all over Buzz for his strategic voting idea, that being said, the rash actions of the NDP of Ontario, who kicked the Buzz out of the party, seems to have come back and bit Dippers in the butt. The CAW is calling the parties decision to kick out Hargrove undemocratic, and that strategic voting would have stopped the Tories from forming a government. The Harper government the CAW says is only going to hurt all working Canadians. Goddamn Buzz, thing is his presence in the election, hurt the NDP, and also the Liberals, now the pissed off prez of the CAW and his group are pooh poohing the NDP's prospects in the next election. Screw you Buzz.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Oh The Madness

arch Madness is like crack for basketball fans. So as a lark I thought I would take a stab at the bracket over at fantasy sports, and well I am getting rocked... see I went the safe route, and didn't pick any real upsets, I switched up a few 8 vs. 9, and 7 vs 10s, but didn't think to go big and pick a real upset... damn Syracuse, and Iowa. I guess my total ineptitude, can be explained by the fact that I am a Canadian who only ever sees the odd Duke game, and really doesn't get into the NCAA until the Madness. Go B.C.
Happy St. Paddy's Day One And All

ey folks, sorry for the lack 'o' posts of late, work has been a killer. Beware my friends of a late night drunk ramble tonight, St. Paddy's day has a tendency of getting me rowdy, and argumentative. You have been warned. So get out there people tip a few pints, be responible and all, but get after it. Isn't it great that St. Paddy's is on a Friday and can thus be extended toward the weekend, no calling in sick, or dreadfully long hungover work days this post St. Paddy's day. Cheers!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

When All Else Fails.... Roadtrip!!!!

Things haven't been going so well for Canada's new P.M. so Mr Harper taking a play straight out of the Roveian book of political diversion, has made a top secret trip to Kandahar. Our heroic leader, decided it was best to leave his domestic squabbles aside, and make an impromptu visit to our troops. See,our most wise leader knows that any debate as to why we as a country are fighting in Afghanistan, would do nothing but demoralize our fine men and women in uniform. It seems that our troops after a long day, avoiding landminds, hunting for terrorists, and appeasing a wartorn population, like nothing better than to curl up in front of the satellite television, and watch CPAC, Newsworld, or NewsNet. If in these quiet times of refection they see that back home here in Canada we might actually give a damn as to why they are there, than well damn it their wills will be broken, and their mission destined to fail. So good on ya Harpo, cheer up them troops, but hurry back, seems there are some things like say the Ethics Commissioner, um Ambassadors that have been asked to resign, and oh ya the running of a country to take care of.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Former Chef Suing Harper

The former chef of Stephen Harper when he was the leader of the opposition, is suing Harper and his wife for lost wages, emotional stress, and ruined reputation. Seems that Henrick Lundsgaard was told by Harper's wife Laureen, that he would only cook at official functions, not personal family diners at Stornoway. When Harper became P.M. Lundgaard received a letter on election day that said his services were no longer needed. Lundgaard claims his dismissal was "insulting, high-handed, spiteful, malicious, and oppressive."
Wow, is it just me or has it been become clear that the new P.M. is almost impossible to work with, if he isn't firing communication people, he is canning chefs..... No wonder Belinda, and Brisson walked out on the Tories. Has there been any good press at all post election for the Harper camp? Damned liberal media, but seriously Stevie has made it too easy. Can't wait until Parliament finally gets back to work, Harper's arrogance and political naivety is surely going to lead to a rapid Tory downfall, har, har, har.
The Canadian Tire Guy Gets Axed

he Ned Flanders of Canadian advertising, The Canadian Tire Guy, has been pulled from the Canadian airways. The uber annoying suburbanite who had a tool for everything, had been face of Canadian Tire for 8 years. Dude take your self loading, 115 bit, solar powered, adjustable jet drill and get the hell out of my driveway.

In less important news, Milosevic has died, before he could face judgment from the international court on charges of crime against humanity. Rumour has it he was not taking pills to control high blood pressure.

Boom Boom Geoffrion has died. The man who created the slapshot, Habs legend Bernie "Boom Boom" Geoffrion has died. To bad, it had been reported that the Habs were going to retire his number 5 tonight before the Canadien vs. Rangers game at the Bell Centre.

It seems that an American tugboat has killed Luna the Whale. Luna whom a native group in B.C. believe was the reincarnation of a former chief, had a bit of a dangerous fixation with humans and their boats. There were numerous attempts to get Luna to deep water, but Luna just loved human contact too much, silly whale people and their machines are nothing but trouble.

But all is not lost, the Canadian Tire guy has been turfed,the rumble that you hear is Canadians doing their best version of the happy dance. How messed up are we as a culture when the cancellation of a series of ads can be at the head of each newscast? Crazy.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

R.I.P. Kirby

aseball legend Kirby Puckett has died of a stroke, at the age of 44. Kirby was one of my all time favorites, he was one of those ball players whom you couldn't help but cheer for. Good bye Kirby you will be sorely missed.

Monday, March 06, 2006

South Dakota Bans Most Abortions

he State of South Dakota has made it illegal for a doctor to perform an abortion in all cases except if the woman's life is in danger. A woman cannot terminate a pregnancy in South Dakota even in cases of rape or incest. Wow, now that Bush has his boyz on the bench, any bets on how long the Supreme Court of The United States, rules on a challenge to Rowe vs. Wade. Gee, I wonder how long it will take for North Dakota, to abolish a woman's right to vote.... You know just so they are not out done buy their brothers in the south. Ugh.. This is 2006 right?

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Time For A Ben Mulroney Intervention

appy Oscar Night all. So I am watching the whole Oscar pregame, red carpet, celebrity suck-upathon. The CTV seemed to be showing red carpet coverage first, so like the voyeur that we all are, I peeked in. Ben Mulroney is glowing bright orange, it really is quite frightening how over tanned Ben is. So as a responsible citizen, I have decided to call together all his friends, its time to sit Ben down and make him face the fact that he might have a problem with the tanning bed. You don't look real Ben, and well I have heard that over exposure to UV rays have a tendency to make your skin age prematurely, so Ben please for the sake of your boyish looks stay away from the salon; you already have your dad's chin, if this tanning addiction continues, you and your dad are gonna look like twins. Ah, screw it I will just change the channel, ABC fake boobed models, are just a lot easier on the eyes, than glow in the dark Ben. Go Capote.... Reese Witherspoon rocked in Walk The Line.

Friday, March 03, 2006

The PMO 'Loath' To Co-operate With Ethics Commissioner

ell it didn't take long for the Harperites to respond to news that the ethics commissioner Bernard Shapiro has began a preliminary investigation into the Harper-Emerson affair. The PMO released a statement saying that they will not co-operate with the commissioner, basically saying that Shapiro is a Liberal hack, who has a history of contempt of house, even bringing Ed Broadbent into the debate. Seems Ed critised Shapiro saying he had "extraordinarily serious credibility problems". The hounds as the say have been released. The PMO is yelling and screaming for the need of an independent ethics commissioner or, er, a Tory Comish. This is going to get ugly, the PMO is going to claim witch hunt, the opposition can't believe it's luck, and me I am already having a good time.

Klein Loses It, Throws Booklet At 17 Year Old Page

Alberta Premier Ralph Klein, while under pointed questions about his governments 3rd way plan for health care, threw a Liberal policy booklet at a 17 year old page how placed it on his desk. Klein threw the booklet and screamed I don't need this crap; it is unclear if Klein actually hit the teenager with the booklet. Ralphie later apologized to the page, and the Liberal party for calling their policy booklet crap.

I guess things aint going so well for Klein, it looks like Harper is demanding that Klein and Alberta abide by the Canadian Health Act, and well who'd of thunk that the opposition parties in Alberta would dare question HisRalphness.

Thankfully I believe this is the beginning of the end for Klein..... He has always been a little off. This was fine when the Liberals were governing federally, he was kinda the real official opposition, but now that his team, his guys are at the helm, it has become increasingly clear just how out of touch Ralph and all his RalphBucks has become. It is time for Ralph Klein to make that long stroll off into the sunset. It is time for him to become a private citizen, where he can live out his remaining days, lambasting homeless people in shelters, drinking himself into befuddled stupors, and generally making an ass of himself without the burden of running the richest province in the country.
The Corporate Takeover Of The US By Dubai

y Dubai that sailed the boat, by Dubai the sailor..... sorry just struck me funny, as I was writing it. Anyway, whats going on down south, first there was the whole Dubai port debacle, now comes the news that another company from Dubai that is buying up a British weapons parts maker, which sells parts to such visionery US companies as G.E., et al. Gee, I have heard of outsourcing but this getting silly. Hey Dubya how do you like unfettered Gobalization now buddy...... oh right these dudes and their ilk, a.k.a. the Saudi Royal Family, are all your pals. Looks like Dubya might be making post-presidental career plans. Hey he has been selling out the US for 6 years, if you need a deal maker with neither ethics or fiscal responsibilty he is your guy.